Newspaper advertising cannot be defeated by any mode of advertising. It is a truth that all of us have to accept! A typical display advert can work wonders for a brand. Ever wondered the result of a car ad on the people. You simply cannot ignore the power of a full-page newspaper ad post that explains in details the cost, features, accessories, free-bies, etc. that a car manufacturer promotes via printed ad post. Plus, such ad posts also do an additional favor for the customers and that is they provide a route map to the dealership so that the customers do not face any issue in the process. One of the many advantages of a newspaper ad post is that a car seeker can preserve the ad clipping and have a look at it on the go. This is not possible with TV Commercials as you cannot have the announcer shouting loud and convincing you to buy the car!

Companies can get a newspaper advertising space at a much cheaper rate when compared with an ad slot for a TV Commercials. Even the ad package for repeated publication of an advert will also cost way less than the electronic adverts. Hence, for a new player in the world of trading and business it is wise to go for newspaper advertising which will prove to be a low-key decision.

One of the biggest hurdles in advertising whether its printed or electronic is the skipping of the advert by the viewer or the reader. A TV viewer can easily tune on to some other channel, same is the case with radio adverts where a listener can change the channel. Similar situation can happen with a newspaper ad post as well. A reader might flip the pages of the advert section and move on! So what should be done to stop this? How to capture reader attention?

The answer is draft eye-catching and reader enticing advertisements that leave an impact on the minds of the readers. Classified text ads, classified display ads and display adverts are the three broad categories of ad types from which you can select a type for your ad post.

Publish such ads in popular newspapers like The Hindu. Go for The Hindu Newspaper Ads either in classified display ads or display ads format to attract the readers.

You can book ad in The Hindu Newspaper via online mode to save your time.

For any inquiry while Any Category Ad booking for The Hindu Newspaper Any Editions, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at

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