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So you are about to find the best candidate to fill in the post of an IT Engineer in your company! You might have posted the job notice on almost every online channel but have you considered posting the same in a newspaper? Ohh, You forgot to do that! Do not worry, rush to The Hindu newspaper office and place your ad request now. You might be wondering as to why you should go for such a conventional way of finding the skilled-people when you have other modern and sophisticated ways to do the same. Well! It is true that online channels have made life easier for all of us and similarly for the Human Resources managers, but at the same time it is also true that online job portals have diluted the candidate response to a large extent. Don’t know how! Read this:

Online web portals have thousands of similar kind of job postings, and until and unless your notice is popping up in the first page of the website you are unlikely to attract the best talent as your ad goes unnoticed by many. Whereas in a newspaper advert such is not the case as a printed ad attracts the audience attention more readily than a viral notice. Also, job seekers seldom miss reading a printed ad post while on a job hunting spree.

Talking more about newspaper ads, one newspaper advert that will give you enough audience reach and a good reader response is The Hindu recruitment advertisement. The newspaper is quite popular amongst educated middle-class and is read by all across all generations.

One can make recruitment classified ad booking online via finger click within minutes! You can place the ad request sitting in comfort of your office. Hence, you are saved from the marathon to the nearby office of the newspaper. Also, you can make the payment via secured payment gateway that offers complete confidentiality of your data. These methods include: Net Banking, NEFT, Credit card, Debit Card, etc.

Go for The Hindu job notices so that what you get is the best resource pool for your organisation without any hassle.

For Any query regarding booking Recruitment or Vacancy advertisement for The Hindu Newspaper, please call us at 09810904604 or mail us at

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