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Name change procedure in India is quite streamlined. Apart from producing, an affidavit and a gazette notification one also needs to publish a newspaper advert stating that they are changing their name. Such a step is mandatory and is also necessary to keep a check on fraudulent activities that people undertake in the guise of fake identity. Hence, to keep everyone’s identity open the legal procedure demands every name change seeker to publish newspaper adverts for the same.

Every news journal provides ad space for such notices. One of the popular names of leading Indian newspapers is The Indian Express that is an English language daily paper. It provides ad space to name change seekers to publish a notice to announce their name change move amongst the common people. Thus, The Indian Express newspaper ads for name change are a regular feature and many individuals publish such notices.

The name change seeker is advised to keep the clipping of The Indian Express Name Change Classified Ads intact for future references. One needs to keep not just a single copy of the advert but a couple of them so that they can produce the same as and when required in future. It is because it is a legal proof of your name change act.

One of the easiest ways to reserve ad slot in The Indian Express for name change is online mode. Name Change ad booking online is one of the sure shot ways to reserve your ad space instantly within a few minutes and with just a few finger clicks!

You can also make reservations for your name change advert in The Indian Express, in case you are planning to change your name and want to publish the same in a newspaper. The paper will give your post maximum reach and your message will be circulated amongst more and more people. Hence, what you will get is good audience coverage for your post.

For any inquiry while Name Change Ad booking for The Indian Express Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at

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