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Public Notices are meant to inform common people about any major shift, change or amendment in the functioning or activities of any government run organization, Public or Private companies, etc. Newspapers are one of the biggest sources of news from around the country as well as world in general. Plus, they are also a great way to promote products and services as they usually have a large reader base that is diverse as well. Hence, Public Notices are best spread by newspapers as they disseminate the information to a large part of the population. Hence, with a single ad post an advertiser can target a large share of population pie.

To leave an impact, the advertiser whether individual or commercial can go for repeated publication of ad posts over a period of times. Publishing the post at frequent intervals helps in retaining the ad content in the minds of people or readers and hence they act on such adverts that are published repeatedly whereas on the other hand the posts that are published just once or twice fail to leave the impact on the minds of the people. It is thus necessary to publish important notices like Public Notice repeatedly to leave impact on people.

You can choose the newspaper as per your requirements as well as budget. If your aim is to reach larger audience then it is better that you go for a newspaper that has wide circulation for instance The Indian Express Public Notice Advertisement. If you just need to publish a Public Notice to full-fill a legal formality for the sake of publishing then it is a wise decision to choose a newspaper that has lower cost of publication.

Public Notices usually have a formal content which is required to be approved by a legal practitioner i.e. a lawyer or an advocate. The latter provide content that needs to be published on a letter head duly signed and stamped. Thus, one cannot simply publish anything of their own wish and accord in a formal notice that is to be circulated amongst the masses.

Usually such ad posts are either classified display adverts or display ad posts as the two formats are meant to capture reader attention. If you have a modest budget, you can go for Public Notice Classified Display Ads or else go for display ad type that will provide you better audience reach.

So, choose your ad package and ad type intelligently as per your needs to publish a Public Notice.

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