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Remembering a loved one is indeed a painful process but it also gives a satisfaction at a deeper spiritual level. When the memories come back to mind we feel restless for sometime but at the same time we also console self that our loved ones are in a better place and heavenly abode is the place where their soul is resting in peace.

It is the case when we lose a dear one due to a chronic and prolonged illness. We pray to god for their early recovery or for their peaceful end. We cannot see them suffering in pain and agony as it makes us agonized as well. Such a sight traumatizes us from within. However, when an ailing relative or a loved one passes away it makes us sad to the core despite the fact that we were seeing them suffering immensely. We never want a person who is close to our heart leave us forever even if that person was ill.


One of the noblest things to do is to remember the deceased in a way that makes that day meaningful.

Doing something special on the death anniversary of a loved one gives us inner peace. We feel happy of the fact that we did something good. We can either donate food, clothes, etc. to poor people or orphanages, old age homes, etc. Another way to do remember a loved one is to construct water tanks in their loving memory or construct homes for poor people, orphanage and old age homes, etc.  However, everyone cannot go for these noble deeds due to lack of financial resources. Hence, the next best possible way to remember your near and dear one who is no more with you is to publish a remembrance ad post in a newspaper.

Classified remembrance notices on the death anniversary of a loved one are the best ways to recollect the fond memories of the one bygone. Though, you can choose any newspaper for this purpose, but one chronicle that will give you maximum reach for your advert is The Times of India. It is a coveted, English language national daily that has a PAN India circulation and a huge and diverse reader base. Consequently The Times of India Remembrance Advertisement is the best way to pay tribute to your loved one. You can arrange a prayer meet on their death day and invite all your acquaintances and well-wishers of the departed soul to attend the same.

Remembrance Ad in Newspaper TOI, can be placed either by directly connecting with the newspaper company and placing the ad request or by taking the help of a newspaper classified ad agency. The latter will provide you the ad space in a much lesser price which otherwise will not be possible due to the popularity of the news journal. The cost of advertising in TOI is high and thus going via agency will be the best option if you have a humble budget.

So, go ahead and do something special on the death anniversary of your loved one to commemorate them.

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