The Times of India Travel Classified Ads

Have you come up with Tour arranging services? Can’t you find ways to promote your offerings? If yes is your answer to these questions then do not think any further and immediately publish Tour and Travel ads in newspaper. Every service provider in this segment of travel services does not ignore printed advertising. They seek newspaper ad space and publish everything that they provide to their customers.

Usually, such adverts are display ads that are full-page advertisements using images and colorful font with bigger size of the texts. They are meant to attract customer attention and entice them so that they are lured to avail the services that are mentioned in such posts. Display adverts are costly and an advertiser has to pay more for display ads when compared with its other two counterparts i.e. classified text ads, classified display ads.

You can select The Times of India for publishing travel adverts as the news journal has wide reach and circulation which is a well known fact. Undoubtedly, it is one of the leading newspapers of the country. Even the online advertising methods haven’t been able to reduce its popularity amongst the readers. The loyal readership of the news broadsheet seldom switches to any other paper.

Times of India Travel Classified Advertisement has been in use for decades now. Tours and travel agents who are smaller players in this field also publish such posts with the only difference that they choose either classified text adverts or classified display ads as they are lesser in price. Plus, they help in generating good reader response as people read such ad posts and act on such posts.

The frequency of such ad posts increases during the holiday season particularly during the summer and winter holidays of children. It is because during holiday season most of the families plan international as well as domestic holidays. The tours and travel providers thus offer ready-made and tailor-made or customise holiday packages for such people. There is another category of target customers that such service providers pitch in i.e. newly-wed couples. For such customers every travel service provider offers honeymoon packages at attractive prices and amazing discounts.

The tours and travels business is flourishing in India and is here to stay for a long period of time.  So, if you are also one of the players in this field then do not miss a chance to make your mark in this field.

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