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Print media has been into existence since time immemorial. Printed adverts are not a new phenomenon and were prevalent during the invention of Printing Press. Modern day classified newspaper ad posts are the refined versions of the good old printed messages published centuries back. Newspaper ads have been able to maintain a dignified position because news journals are read all across the country and their demand never goes down. The areas that are not hit by the internet mania still hold a large number of loyal readers of news broadsheets. It is due to this that the business of classified newspaper ad posts is still flourishing leaps and bounds and is one of the major competitors to other channels of marketing and promotion.

Talking about the city of Gurgaon which is one of the IT hubs of the country, newspaper readership in this city has also not declined despite internet savvy crowd. There are still a large section of population that vouches for newspapers over any other channel. Consequently, newspaper advertising in Gurgaon is a successful business for many leading news journals. They get ad requests from people under various categories on a regular basis. The classified ad supplement of the leading newspapers is flooded with ad posts.

The Times of India is one of the best-liked papers of this city with a huge readership. People across all age groups (students, youth, working professionals, older generation) read this paper to get their daily dose of news. It is due to this that The Times of India ad booking for Gurgaon is a costly affair if you approach the newspaper directly because the ad space rates are high owing to the popularity of the news journal.

In case you are planning to publish adverts in this prestigious newspaper, go and take help from an authentic newspaper ad agency that will negotiate the price on your behalf. Hence, you will get the advert space at a much lower price. Plus, you will also get the opportunity to select from the various ad packages and plan your ad campaign keeping in mind your target segment.

Get in touch with the customer support team for the best quote.

For any inquiry while Any Category Ad booking for The Times of India Newspaper for Gurgaon, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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