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Marry! Marry! Marry! This is the only word you might be listening from all around if you reach the so called ‘Marriageable Age’. Obviously, the decision is yours whether you want to settle down anytime soon or you just want to take your time before taking the next big plunge of your life into the world of matrimony. If you are still not ready to marry and want to explore life, then again it is your choice and no harm in it, but if you want to settle down then you might be wanting to know more about the ways you should go ahead in this direction.

So, those of you who want to go ahead and find your ‘someone special’, here are some handy tips that you shouldn’t ignore in any manner. First of all set your priorities right which means that prioritize as to what exactly do you want from your life partner? Further, question yourself as to what kind of life partner you will wish to spend the rest of your life with? These might sound easy and a bit awkward but the kind of life you will have post marriage will depend heavily on these questions. So, you must not ignore them at any cost. Now that you have figured out what sort of life partner you want, go ahead and begin your search for such a person. However, please note that do not aspire for an ideal spouse as no person is perfect in this world. So, be wise and sensible while selecting your parameters.

So, coming back to partner search, you can begin the same via newspaper advert. Printed ads are one of the conventional methods that have emerged victorious in the test of evolving times. Additionally, despite the arrival of internet and all sorts of online matrimonial channels, news journals have maintained their dignity and position in the world of advertising.

People readily publish newspaper notices for various purposes and one such category that witnesses a lot of adverts is matrimonial column. A popular newspaper that has been used for this purpose is The Times of India. Times of India Matrimonial Advertisement has helped many find their soul-mate.  It is a widely read news broadsheet that is famous across the country. You can select any type of advert i.e. classified text ad, Classified display ad or a Display advert to publish your notice. Usually the first two are the most widely used types for a marriage notice.

You can make Matrimonial Classified Display Ad Booking Online (or for a regular classified text ad) for quick bookings.

Go ahead and book your ad slot today and find your life-partner as early as possible.

For any inquiry while Matrimonial Classified Display ad booking for The Times of India Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com


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