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Hoping that life will provide you only with happy and joyful moments is a lot to expect! It is truth across the world that every individual faces ups and downs in life and there is seldom anyone born who has never seen the worst or bad phase in life. Some people face personal troubles whereas on the other hand some face professional setbacks. There is no individual ever born on this planet earth who has never seen the distressing times. The definition of good and bad phases of life can be different for different individuals and they might feel the joy or pain respectively with varied intensities but they do feel it!

One such occasion that can be counted as the worst phase of a person’s life is when they lose someone near and dear to them to the merciless hands of death. Yes, death of a loved one is one traumatic event of life that alters the outlook of an individual and they change their perspective towards life in general after such a catastrophic event. The survivors of the deceased are the worst affected and they become inconsolable and shattered to the core. During such times the well wishers and the acquaintances of the surviving family should ideally support them during the time of bereavement. It is their love and moral support that can help the survivors sail through the tough times. Otherwise it becomes a really difficult task to cope up with the bitter truth!


Relatives and friends can initiate their help by posting a death notice in newspaper so that the survivors do not have to inform everyone personally about their loss. Anyone can book an obituary notice in the newspaper. One of the popular news journals is The Times of India that provides ad space for such posts and people frequently publish obituary ads in this newspaper. Plus, one can go for any edition of the paper to post a death notice for example Times of India Ghaziabad Obituary Ads etc. Not just for death notices but otherwise as well you can choose this prestigious newspaper for newspaper advertising in Ghaziabad.

To make Obituary ad booking for Ghaziabad visit the website and reserve the ad space within minutes by making online payment over a secured payment gateway. Plus, you can choose the edition and ad package of your choice to advertise and promote and this is true for all types of ad posts and not just obituary notices.

So, go ahead and book your ad slot now.

For any inquiry while Obituary Ad booking for The Times of India Newspaper for Ghaziabad, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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