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When you lose someone who was very dear to you, the amount of agony you feel is beyond measurement. The unanswered question as to why such an unfortunate thing happened to you in the first place haunts you every second. You feel trapped and find no way out from this traumatizing situation. Plus, you also feel as if you will never be able to come out of this unfortunate phase of life and never remain the same person as you were before the catastrophe that had befallen you.

However, this is not the case. All of us at some point or the other realize that life is unfair to everyone and that it is not just the us who has faced the loss of a loved one. There are many people who have lost a near and dear one to the merciless death and they have survived. Taking inspiration from other people who have faced the worst of times and crisis is one of the fastest ways to reconcile. Meeting such people and listening to their experiences provides us moral and mental support to courageously fight the distressing times. It is thus advisable to reach out to as many people as you can during your time of crisis and try to bring your life back on the track!

It might sound a difficult task as it is not so simple to do away with the memories of the demise of a loved one and move on in life. However, we can certainly try to accept the situation and find out ways to live peacefully thereafter. Though, nothing in this world can replace the departed soul who was once the important figure in our life and no one can take their place in our heart but we can take inspiration from the life of the decease and try to inculcate their good habits and behavioural traits in our conduct so that we can feel connected with them in a higher spiritual realm.

If you have lost a loved one then courageously pick yourself up and get inspired by the life of deceased. You can take baby steps in this regard. Firstly, to avoid informing every individual about the sad news go for The Times of India death notice. You can book the Times of India Obituary Ads for Mumbai or any other city. For Obituary Ad Booking in Mumbai, or other cities go online to reserve your ad slot.

The second thing you need to do is stay connected with your loved ones and well-wishers who will help you come out of this phase no matter how shattered you are.

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