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Our loved ones always bless us no matter in which world they are. Even if they are no more into this world, they keep showering their wishes and blessings from their heavenly abode. Even after years of their departure from this world, we feel their presence at a more spiritual level. Their blessings act as a guiding force in our lives and show us the correct path whenever we go astray. We cannot forget them or eliminate them from our memories as they form an integral part of our psyche. So, let us remember them with love in our heart and prayers on our lips!

Publish a remembrance ad in newspaper to call on all the acquaintances and well-wishers of the deceased for a prayer in the loving memory of the departed soul. The Times of India is a renowned news broadsheet that is a popular choice amongst individuals and is widely read paper across the country. People publish adverts under various categories viz. Matrimonial, Property, Lost and Found, Recruitment, Astrology, etc. Amongst these ad posts, The Times of India remembrance advertisement is another very famous choice of people and a lot of individuals publish such notices on a regular basis.



Death can take away a loved one from us but cannot steal away their memories. There might be countless moments of joy and happiness that you might have spent together. So, to relive the preserved memories and moments and to commemorate the one bygone, you can arrange for a prayer meeting on their death anniversary and remember them along with other well-wishers of the deceased. You can also opt to donate food, water or clothes in the name of the one dead and gone forever. There are a lot of people who indulge in charitable work and donate in old-age homes, hospitals, Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Orphanages, etc. in the name of the deceased and pray for their souls to rest in peace.

Do not let the love in your heart for the one bygone die in your heart. Express your affection in some form or the other and let the world know about your loved one and their life on their death anniversary. You can thus, also create a memoir or a biography to show your respect and love for the one who has left this world to rest in a better place i.e. heaven.

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