Educational institutions these days are in a constant race of proving self-better than the others in the league. They claim to provide world-class education with excellent facilities and infrastructure. It is due to this that they leave no stone unturned to promote and market their offerings. The sole aim behind all this advertising is to attract more and more students!

The institutions take the help of every possible channel to promote their offerings. Also, they also do not under-estimate the power of the conventional channel and readily advertise and promote through it. It is none other than newspapers. Yes, all the colleges and training institutes do not shy away from placing education advertisement in leading national dailies and regional news journals. Such posts reach a large population base and hence help in tapping the public from a particular zone.

Education adverts are usually Display adverts that are full-page, half-page or quarter-page advertisements, meant to attract the reader attention. Such notices are visually appealing and contain graphics and images that entice the readers. Since, they are full page or half page ad posts hence it is unlikely that they will get skipped from a reader’s notice. It is due to this that these notices i.e. display adverts are costly when compared with classified text ads and classified display ad posts.

If you are also running an educational institution, then consider publishing a newspaper ad post to let people know about your institution. To know more about the format of such posts you can refer to the education ad samples that are available online.  Sample posts will provide you a cue to draft your advert and you will be able to get aware of the format of such posts and create yours on similar lines.

You might be wondering as to which newspaper you should choose for education adverts! Well, without thinking much go for The Times of India. It is one of the popular newspapers that are read by many people all across the country. Consequently, Times of India Education Classified Ads will provide you with the desired reader response that you are looking for.

So, without wasting much time go and book newspaper education advertisement that will help you promote your educational institution in a better way.

For any inquiry while Education Ad booking for The Times of India Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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