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When a loved one goes missing it creates a havoc in life. It is one of the most shocking incidents of life that renders a person helpless and scared! There are negative thoughts that often cross our minds and we start worrying about the well being of our near and dear one. One thing that very often comes to our mind is that whether our dear one is alive or not!

During such times though it is impossible to maintain calm and composure however one should strive to maintain their sanity of mind and think in a rational manner to initiate the search for the missing person. It is always better to start search with the help of a newspaper ad post.  Newspapers are widely read by everyone across all age groups and also they reach every nook and corner. Hence, it is a wise decision to publish a notice in the news journal to announce the sudden disappearance of your loved one. People will go through your advert and they might just help you by providing the whereabouts of the person gone missing. Printed ad posts work better than their online counterparts in circulating the news because it is true that every individual in our country is not tech savvy and this is particularly for the older generation. Hence, your online advert might not provide you with the desired response. On the other hand as already mentioned newspapers have a wide readership and people from good old generation also go through the newspaper ad posts and hence newspaper notice gets noticed more!

Missing Person Advertisement


To publish missing person advertisement you can consider The Times of India that is one of the leading national dailies of the country. It is circulated at PAN India level and hence Times of India missing person ads can fetch you very good reader response as it gives your advert vast exposure and a lot of people can access the same.

You can book advert for any city as the newspaper is published in various cities all across the country and comes up with varied editions. For instance if you are putting up in Delhi then go for the edition that is published in Delhi and NCR as your message will reach the population of the region via the local edition only.

The Times of India missing person ad booking for Delhi can be done online to save time and energy. So, without wasting any more time start searching for your missing loved one via The Times of India notice for a missing person.

For any inquiry while Missing Person Ad booking for The Times of India Newspaper for Delhi, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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