For any kind of advertisement, Jagbani is one of the best newspapers of Punjab. If you are looking for a bride or a groom then you should book matrimonial advertisement in Jagbani.

Publish matrimonial ad in Jagbani through Myadvtcorner. This is number one online website for booking advertisements from anywhere in the world. The advertisements regarding marriage are published on Sundays only. There are many headings under which it is published. Main heading is Bride wanted and Groom wanted. Under these are the subheadings as profession, caste, second marriage, widow/widower, handicapped, NRI’s, and few others. has given all the headings and sample ads for matrimonial ads. Jagbani is best for the heading of NRI’s. has given all the facilities for publishing matrimonial ad from anywhere. The payment gateway is most secured and this site on whole is hassle free website.

The samples are provided on this website which helps you to book online easily and in no time. The ad can be published in two formats. One of them is Classified advertisement. This is released in lines. But if you want your ad to be seen instantly then paying a little extra amount, it can be highlighted. Highlighted ads means colour ads or putting it in a box or by adding a tick mark on the first alphabet of the matter. is developed in such a way that any lay man can book advertisement with all the possibilities in no time.  The other format is classified display. This is a box ad. This is very easily seen on the page. The ad matter can be composed elaborately. People prefer classified display ad format more. The cost is higher than classified ads.

The matrimonial ads are published on Sundays in Jagbani newspaper. Booking is closed on Thursday for the coming Sunday. The team will call you personally to confirm the booking. Sometimes there are schemes for releasing ads. In that case the team will update you.

Myadvtcorner with the experience of more than three decades is well known for their services. They instantly reply to your queries. Though the online booking is the easiest as compared to other sites still the team also books offline. You are in safe hands as per Myadvtcorner is concerned.

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