Public notice advertisement is published in newspapers to make an announcement among the common people. Notice advertisement is given by the Companies, big organizations or a common man. Many times it happens that Company has changed the name by which it was registered. Now wants to announce publically. To publish a public notice advertisements in newspaper, the publication house needs a legal document. This is on the lawyer’s letterhead.

Property disputes, personal name change, parents debarring their children from their property, and many more reasons to publish public notice advertisement in newspaper.

Ajit samachar newspaper is the leading newspaper of Punjab. Publish Public Notice Display ads in Ajit samachar newspaper. You can book advertisements through Myadvtcorner. This online website is hassle-free. To make the process of booking display ads easy, the site has given sample advertisements. You can choose the sample as per your choice and insert the publishing matter in it. Select the date and make payment. Add the document as asked by the site according to the publishing matter. The advertisement will be booked.

The team of the after receiving the booking again goes through the matter and if they find any problem they rectify and send it back to the client to take the approval again. gives these services free of cost.

In case the client is not comfortable in booking online, then our team designs the display advertisement. does not charge for advertisement designing. We are well known for the best services. Very prompt actions are taken by the team. You will be given the final publishing date of the advertisement. We request you to purchase 3 to 4 copies of the newspaper for your reference.

Publish Display advertisement in Ajit newspaper through

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